2 Week Contest, contest 7 
Topic Sentance:This time, i was going to end it 

Winner: Jes 

Temptation Got To Me 
By Jes 

This time I was going to end it... 

But I didn't. I let the feelings stay. Haunting me, now, to this very day. This very moment. This time, I breathe in and out. Letting the feeling consum me, never leaving. The feeling is still here. 

And It Hurts 

Make it stop, please, please make it stop. I can't stand it anymore. I know I shouldn't have said those words to you, and I know, I know I shouldn't have asked. 

But temptation got to me. Temptation broke me. 

Please, make the pain stop. 

Ignorance is bliss. 

I have heard that before, but it wasn't you who told me. And when I was told, it was already to late. We are both broken, and it is all my fault. 

It is not the same again, what was between us. The feelings that were there, had vanished. All with that simple question. Those very words. I wish I could take them away. Erase them from our memories. 

But it doesn't work that way. 

Words said, can not be taken back. And that sucks. Badly. 

This time, I was going to end it, the tension between us. But every time I try, I always fail. Don't laugh at me, it isn't like you are trying to fix the problem. Because you are not. 

Or do you just not care? 

Do you enjoy my pain? 

Am I the dog that you laugh at, your slave to your own joy. What kind of friendship it that? If that is, what you would call a friendship at all. 

And then she backstabs me. And who is it for? Can you think who? Any guesses? 

But ha! 

Who else but you? You, the one I cared about, you. My pain from her is for you. 

But do you dare, try and turn me against her? 

No, you just sit. Sit there. Do you notice anything? Or are you just enjoying the show? Waiting for a strike, for are we, your gladiators, and you, the emperor, sitting on his throne? Watching, enjoying, laughing! 

I am no one's slave, I am my own warrior. 

It is I, and I only who I fight for. I do not serve you, nor do I serve anyone else for that purpose. I am an individual. 

This is not a game, life is not a game. We are people. We have lives. 

We Bleed. 

So do you stare at me, just to prove I am a rat in a cage? Or do you stare, and see I am not like that girl on the other side of the room, that pathetic minion of shame? 

I could go on, you know how far I could go. Are these the words you think in your very mind, haunting you, as they haunt me. Day, after day. Hour after hour. Minute after minute.

Second after second? 

This time, I was going to end it. Finally, at last. 

But will you end the pain first? Or is it me alone. 

Me, against the world. 

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