Claire, the creator of the group, writes about how it all started...


Short Story Galore is a collection of winning stories off the group Short Story Contests. This group is found on the site ‘Goodreads’, and is open to all. 
Short Story Contests was started around mid-October, year 2008. The purpose of this group is simply to have fun. It is for writers that have a little time to spare, and want to write something challenging. The basic set up of the group is this: 
Every week a new ‘Topic’ is picked. Everyone can write a story that is about this word, or contains this word, and post it up sometime during the week. At the end of the week there is a voting by all the members in the group, by which the winning story is chosen. The winning story is then posted up here. There are also other activities in the group, of which we will post occasional updates here on the site. 

New members come to the group every day, and it has gotten an excellent response. Even those who do not have time to write a story each week, enjoy reading and voting for the stories. Everyone is welcome! Note: you must have a Goodreads account to join the group. Both Goodreads and Short Story Contests are free to join, no fees at all. 

I would like to thank Olivia for making this wonderful website, and Olivia, Arthur and Chandani for helping me out so much with the group as co-moderators, and everyone who has joined it and made it such fun. 
Thank you- 

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