Here are some links to more of their writing and book recommendations from members of the group.


Book Recommendations

-Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

-Sons of Avalon: Merlin's Prophecy by Dee Marie

-Stormcaller by Tom Lloyd

Links to her Writing

-All Writing


Links to her Writing

All Writing


Hunted (my nanowrimo story; a vampire fantasy story):

Outcast (a fantasy story about a village, an illness, and identity):

Star Soul (a sci-fi-ish story about the "real" way people are born/and die):

Moon Rise (a joint fantasy story with Brigid about a disappearing sister held hostage in the spirit world):

The Morte (a horror story about ghosts and a spirit ship):

Tulip's Cozy Tea (a fantasy story about this woman who writes herself into her own book):


Poems (a collection of a bunch of miscellaneous poems of mine):

Random Pieces of Writing (the title basically says all; just short story-like things that don't fit anywhere else): 


Links to her Writing  (All writing)


Links to her Writing

Incantation (poem)

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