message 1: by Arthur, “shakes paw on it!!”
01/18/2009 08:40AM

735341You have until Sunday afternoon to post a poem on here before the Topic changes. Please post it directly onto this topic, rather than posting a link. You're welcome to discuss poems on here also. 

This week's Topic is Horse. If anyone has any objections to this topic, please go to the Poetry Topic Objections post. 

Poems can be as long and short as you want them to be. This is not a contest, it's just for fun and to show off our own poetry. 

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message 2: by Zandy
01/24/2009 12:48PM

1559134Here is my poem. I hope you enjoy it!

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message 3: by Zandy
01/24/2009 12:49PM

1559134Sorry, I just realized you said not to post a link.
This poem is called Incantation.

I tell my self. I wish my self to believe. 

Horses, lay down in the grassy fields, 
full of spirit and praise, 
carrying their masters bronze shields, 
with an air of amaze. 

Upset by the nearby commotion, 
they wander afar, 
while grazing on hay, 
no need for a sar. (search and rescue) 

They fly like the wind, 
they roar like the sea, 
I save a few apples, 
for them and me. 

Coats of fair cream, chestnut and ebony, 
manes as soft as silk, lighter than ever. 

I gaze every moment, to hear them neigh, 
what great pleasure they give me, 
a top their lump of hay! 

I call them by name, 
I know them by heart, 
Chocolate and Thunder, Rodeo, and Melanie. 
Abraham and Hannah, the pride of past Gray, 
gallop past me, before I get them to obey. 

I jump on to her saddle, swiftly hold the reins, 
ready for my adventure, ready it awaits. 

Then I start my walking, and kick light and air, 
she takes off immediately, 
breeze in my hair. 

She walks and she trots, 
she cantors and gallops, 
If only her incantation would never end. 

"Destiny" I call her, the pride of my pack, 
my youngest she horse, 
but her beauty never lack. 

She stops for a second, 
a drink at the stream, 
and that's when I remember, 
this isn't a dream. 

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message 4: by Zandy
01/25/2009 12:51PM

1559134I guess im the only one who did this. :( tell me how it is, though! 

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message 5: by Arthur, “shakes paw on it!!”
01/25/2009 12:55PM

735341Like it 

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message 6: by ~Clare~, hit her nose the other day, and it still hurts : /
01/25/2009 03:05PM


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message 7: by Zandy
01/25/2009 03:35PM

1559134thanks, guys! ;) 

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