message 1: by ~Clare~, has da cold. : ( (new)
02/11/2009 06:42PM

977943Sorry guys! I was so sure I already made this?! ahhh sorry! 

You have until Sunday afternoon to post a poem on here before the Topic changes. Please post it directly onto this topic, rather than posting a link. You're welcome to discuss poems on here also. 

This week's Topic is Love. If anyone has any objections to this topic, please go to the Poetry Topic Objections post. 

Poems can be as long and short as you want them to be. This is not a contest, it's just for fun and to show off our own poetry. 

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message 2: by Eric▲ (new)
02/11/2009 07:08PM


love so infinate, true, and pure. 
hard to understand, difficult to grasp. 
love stronger than anything, 
so much He took your punishment. 
and died on the cross, 
to give you life, 
before you even existed. 

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message 3: by Jes {2blazian4u! I said WHAT!} (new)
02/11/2009 09:19PM


It hurts 
Make the pain stop 
It hurts 
Make it stop 

Heart break 

It comes so quick after a time 
Always waiting around the corner 
Of the next streetlight 
Waiting for you to stop stalling 

It just sits there 

Love, such a great feeling 
So soft and perfect 
Makes your fears go away 
Until it is broken 

As infinite as it seems 
Love is untouchable 
But is still breakable 
Like life 
And death

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message 4: by {H=(a)+H=R}{MaY} (new)
02/14/2009 07:47PM

Nophoto-f-25x33My true love 
Once promissed to me 
That no matter what happens 
We where always supposed to be 

And if danger would strike 
He said he might 
Just happen to leave me 
But only for my safety 

Then once peace regain 
He would come back 
Then take me away 
Wherever was always safe 

He said the words 
Just like a fairy tale 
But when reality came 
He ran away scared 
But I was scared as well 

I waited and waited 
He never came back 
The picture in my mind,i painted 
The love, oh how it lacked 

I hated my love 
His name I dared to think 
The words he said now, 
to me they stinked 

Years went by 
Oh yeah I cried 
But I cried even more 
When I heard the news 
That my true love had died 

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