message 1: by ~Clare~, Is back from vacation! (new)
04/06/2009 08:26AM


977943 You have until Sunday afternoon to post a poem on here before the Topic changes. Please post it directly onto this topic, rather than posting a link. You're welcome to discuss poems on here also.

This week's Topic is Kill. If anyone has any objections to this topic, please go to the Poetry Topic Objections post.

Poems can be as long and short as you want them to be. This is not a contest, it's just for fun and to show off our own poetry.


message 2: by ~Pixie~ a.k.a Sunny (new)
04/06/2009 11:11AM

1814636 O.o sounds fun!!

message 3: by Janellephant! (AKA: Janelle) (new)
04/11/2009 12:32PM

1322613 Slipping through the trees
Stalking in the night
Blood boiling
Head pounding

The kill to be made
Destroys a life
No feeling is felt
As the blood drips

The kill falls
Dead and broken
Feeling isnt a strongsuit
Of the destroyer

Meh, not my best or fave,

message 4: by A Filthy Youth groupie (new)
04/12/2009 11:31AM

1323807 He killed me
Before I was even able
To live

Short, I know! I'll finish later!!!
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