message 1: by ~Clare~, is tired
11/10/2008 08:57AM

977943You have until Sunday afternoon to post a poem on here before the Topic changes. Please post it directly onto this topic, rather than posting a link. You're welcome to discuss poems on here also. 

This week's Topic is Ice. If anyone has any objections to this topic, please go to the Poetry Topic Objections post. 

Poems can be as long and short as you want them to be. This is not a contest, it's just for fun and to show off our own poetry. 

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message 2: by Eric▲
11/10/2008 03:21PM

1530271some people like ice,
others think twice.

some think it can help,
others see it and yelp.

some crunch it,
others will spit.

some think its great,
but it is something i hate.

some like it under the warm sun,
but ice isn't for everyone.

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message 3: by OKLDvictim
11/10/2008 03:23PM

1323807Nice poem, Eric! 

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message 4: by Eric▲
11/10/2008 03:24PM


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message 5: by ~Clare~, is tired
11/10/2008 09:13PM

977943haha awesome!!! 

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message 6: by Eric▲
11/11/2008 04:35PM

ice burns! 

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message 7: by ~Clare~, is tired
11/11/2008 05:00PM

977943lol... trying to rack my brain for a poem... 

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message 8: by Janelle
11/11/2008 05:12PM


Ice fills my veins. 
The coldness of it all burns my tounge 

crystal ice falls and shatters 
The peices fly away 

Into the emty blackness 

My heart has fallen 
It has shatterd 

My veins pulse no more 
The coldness effects evermore. 

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message 9: by ~Clare~, is tired
11/11/2008 05:41PM


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11/13/2008 08:28PM

1305317I just kind of made this up just now...and I can't seem to get this guy out of my here goes:

The ice in my chest is melting melting,
With every sweet word that you tell me
Tell me
Why do you do this?
Why make me wait?
With just one sweet kiss
Love grows from my hate
The ice provides a frosty covering
Rise high cold castle walls
When you cracked it I started wondering
If you really cared at all
Because for your love I'm hungering
Will you stand and watch me fall?
Deep in fear I'm wondering
If you really care at all
One brief visit upon my lips:
A crooked visitor melts the ice
The scales of love begin to tip;
I wish first kisses happened twice 

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message 11: by ~Clare~, is tired
11/14/2008 06:38AM

977943i love it!! Especially that last line!! : ) 

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11/14/2008 06:36PM

1305317*smiles shyly* Thanks. Usually my poetry isn't quite like this. It's usu. more dark, but yeah...*headtodesk* It's all /his/ fault. ^^ Oh well. 

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message 13: by ~Clare~, is tired
11/14/2008 07:00PM

977943hahahahha funn 

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message 14: by Chandani , The wonderous and easily amused one
11/14/2008 09:56PM

1234481Who knew that the cold could burn so?
That the scars on a heart
never truly heal?

That the love in ones soul
can never truly fade

That hate
can never come to pass

That the ice in my heart
cannot be thawed

That my loathe for you
can not be undone

The Ice of my forgiveness will burn you more
than the fire of my hate 

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message 15: by ~Clare~, is tired
11/15/2008 07:37AM


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message 16: by Chandani , The wonderous and easily amused one
11/15/2008 03:06PM


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message 17: by Alhana
11/15/2008 04:06PM

1520435I wrote this when I was really sad...its technically supposed to be a song it goes. (And Im only going to post a little bit of it.) 

You were always there for me 
You made me smile when I was down 
You always made me laugh when I cried 
I felt like nothing could go wrong 
Until she came into our lives 

She swept you off your feet 
With no trouble at all 
You felt like she was perfect or so you said 
I know you never meant too but you broke my heart 
You made me feel like I could never know what love was... 


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message 18: by Chandani , The wonderous and easily amused one
11/15/2008 07:33PM

1234481Can i post another? 

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message 19: by ~Clare~, is tired
11/16/2008 01:06PM

977943sure, you can just keep posting poetry on here until the topic changes, and even after that if you really want to, just if you Do do it afterwards, you might not get as many people reading them then... : D 

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