message 1: by ~Clare~, is tired
11/17/2008 07:28AM

977943You have until Sunday afternoon to post a poem on here before the Topic changes. Please post it directly onto this topic, rather than posting a link. You're welcome to discuss poems on here also. 

This week's Topic is rose If anyone has any objections to this topic, please go to the Poetry Topic Objections post. 

Poems can be as long and short as you want them to be. This is not a contest, it's just for fun and to show off our own poetry. 

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message 2: by Eric▲ (last edited 11/17/2008 04:32PM)
11/17/2008 04:31PM

1530271the rose 
that pleases you nose 
is evil to those. 
those are the ones 
who know about concealed guns, 
and seeing a rose, runs. 
the mini dagers on the side, 
with petals, it tries to hide, 
and out of the top, poision does glide! 
causing sneezing, 
and weezing, 
eyes watering 
vision blotering, 
to the posion they have fallen, 
the evil gas called pollen! 

but in books, 
it has beautiful looks, 
and the pointy hooks 
have been removed for one did learn 
that the posion does burn, 
so they destroyed it, never to return 

i hope it's ok to make up words! it's all that i could find that would rhyme and make sense! 

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message 3: by Chandani , The wonderous and easily amused one (last edited 11/18/2008 02:53PM)
11/18/2008 02:50PM

1234481I have a poem that i wanna post but its not about a rose. I will post a rose one in a second 

I was in manhattan today and i was inspired by how normal the hustle and bustle of the city felt to me. here goes: 

Watch as they come and go 
Nothing here happens slow 
If i happen to bump you 
Its because i have somewhere to go 
Never ending 
No limits 
Day and night 
we plead our plight 
In the City that Never sleeps. 

And heres another: 

The bright lights 
of my city 
Lights that some 
can only dream to see 
A dream that in a sense 
Defines me. 
Inconsiderate taxi's 
Crude brooklyn accents 
Grafitti is the art of our streets 
I live in the melting pot of diversity. 
Here, In NYC. 

And heres my rose poem: 

As the sun had began to rise 
I feel my spirits do the same 
It all began with just one rose 
powerful all the same 
A confession of trust 
of love 
and of friendship 
Ironic how the color of blood 
is the same as the symbol of passion 

Or is it? 

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message 4: by ~Clare~, is tired
11/18/2008 07:54PM

977943LOVE THEM!!! So awesome! 

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message 5: by ~Clare~, is tired
11/18/2008 07:59PM

977943Ok, my riddle/poem... any guesses?? I guess it's kinda obvious... XD 

Timeless waves upon the sea, 
Restless waters come to me. 
Ten feet high, a wave sometimes grows, 
But ripples are what touch my toes. 
They tickle me, and seem so sweet, 
Foamy water comes up to my feet. 
But farther out, the danger be, 
In the cold depths of the icy sea. 
Dangers which will pull you down, 
And harshly force you to drown. 
Things that lie there ready to bite, 
Or fiercely sting with all their might. 
Who will risk, all these things? 
To find a pearl for some silly ring? 
Or see the cold beauty there, 
Underneath the defending snare? 
Should I say the same for me? 
For I am like the cold hard sea. 
I may seem sweet on the outside, 
But you will find that beauty has lied. 
For inside me, I’m bitter and cruel. 
For my beauty is, but only my tool. 
All my insides wait within, 
For someone to commit the sin. 
To take my from my very home, 
Pick me, the victim, while they roam. 
But they do not even try, 
To be cautious, where dangers lie. 
As they come up to roughly seize me, 
They will get hurt, in a way that will please me. 
For I will not go without a fight! 
Who am I? Can you guess right? 

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message 6: by Chandani , The wonderous and easily amused one
11/19/2008 12:00PM


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message 7: by ♥Roxie♥
11/19/2008 05:54PM

1110505Some people like yellow roses, 
Some people like red.. 
Some people like white or pink, 
But out of all of them i like the black one, 
Some people think it means pain and death, 
Which can be true at times, 
When i think of my black rose, 
it brings me joy to know that i'm not alone, 
For it feels the pain and sorrow, 
Its thorns may be poisoness, 
But thats of no consequence to me, 
For me and my black rose, 
Are great friends you see.. 
We are so much a like, 
But so many people just cant see, 
That a black rose is the light in the dark, 
And the dark in the light.. 
You may think what the world are you talking about, 
And maybe some day you will find out... 
You seeyou have to look past the ugly things, 
to find the beautiful things.. 
You may think ablack rose is ugly, 
But to me they are the prettiest thing i've ever seen.. 
They only need to heal, 
Just like you and me.. 
So next time you see a black rose, 
Whisper to it, 
"Dont worry my dear rose, 
You are beautiful, from what i see!!" 
Next time you go to get a rose, 
Dont pass the black one by, 
Stop by and pick it up.. 
I found my black rose on the ground, 
Some one had smashed its pettle, 
I picked it up and said, 
"im sorry my dear rose, 
but dont you worry anymore for i shall take you home!!" 
Me and m rose, 
we are very dear friends, 
theres not a place we go without each other, 
We sing our sad song, 
as we walk along, 
And now we shall say goodbye, 
For now its your turn to try, 
So now you can go, 
Find the rose thats waiting for you!!! 

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message 8: by ~Clare~, is tired
11/19/2008 09:34PM

977943haha bout time you joined us Hannah! Welcome! Wicked poem!!!! 

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message 9: by Chandani , The wonderous and easily amused one
11/19/2008 09:47PM



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message 10: by ~Clare~, is tired
11/20/2008 06:05AM


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message 11: by Chandani , The wonderous and easily amused one
11/20/2008 05:09PM

1234481I said thats GRRRRREAT! Like the Kellogs® frosted flakes guy 

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message 12: by ~Clare~, is tired
11/20/2008 07:46PM

977943oooh I get it *finally* lol hahahahha 

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message 13: by Daniel
11/20/2008 08:27PM

1730112The misty morning air covers with dew 
The flowers laid bare, natures fair cue 

The hands of a bride 
The sides of a grave 
The windows of a house 
The entrance of a cave 

These are the places a rose will be found 
The colors are plenty 
The petals are sound 

The beauty of a girl pretty as can be 
The beauty of a child free as can be 
The beauty of a star bright as can be 
These are the things a petal is to me 

The coldness of a life locked with apathy 
The coldness of a heart locked with love 
The coldness of a casket locked with key 
These are the things a thorn is to me 

A rose has them both, as you plainly can see 
A rose represents what has been and what will be 
History’s sad story repeated time and again 
A bittersweet story repeated to no end 

As time soon will pass, as it always does 
Many things will be forgotten, as will this poem 
But the rose will be here to remind us all 
Of the beauty and death in life that all recall 

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message 14: by Chandani , The wonderous and easily amused one
11/20/2008 09:03PM

1234481That. was. AMAZING. 

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message 15: by Sella (last edited 11/20/2008 10:02PM)
11/20/2008 09:59PM

909992Twenty-Seven Roses 

One rose, two rose, three rose, 
Walking along the garden, counting the blossoming roses. 

Four rose, five rose, six rose, 
Staring at all the changing splashes of color. 

Seven rose, eight rose, nine rose, 
Red, pink, white, orange, lavender. 

Ten rose, eleven rose, twelve rose, 
Bend down to pick a few, give them a good trim. 

Thirteen rose, fourteen rose, fifteen rose, 
Come home and bring them back to him. 

Sixteen rose, seventeen rose, eighteen rose, 
Smelling them with his nose. 

Nineteen rose, twenty rose, twenty-one rose, 
Plant them in the garden so they grow. 

Twenty-two rose, twenty-three rose, twenty-four rose, 
Tie them together with a bow. 

Twenty-five rose, twenty-six rose, twenty-seven rose, 
On one knee, picking one out, he proposes. 

Twenty-seven roses. 

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message 16: by Daniel
11/21/2008 05:29AM

1730112I like all of these poems (cool one Sella) 

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message 17: by ~Clare~, is tired
11/21/2008 06:39AM


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message 18: by Chandani , The wonderous and easily amused one
11/21/2008 10:25AM

1234481That was Uber dooper goodness! 

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message 19: by Sella
11/21/2008 04:48PM

909992lol thanks! :D 

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message 20: by Chandani , The wonderous and easily amused one
11/21/2008 05:38PM


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message 21: by Janelle
11/21/2008 07:21PM

1322613Pink and red petels fall 
lightly swaying in the breeze 
falling gently from the bouqet you hold. 

Your sweet voice calls to me 
of course you need me 
you try to explain but please tell the truth 

Poison ran through my blood that day 
ice ran down my spine 
tears wanted to pour 

And oh how can I still listen? 
How can I consider? 
That you would still want me. 

But oh your voice! 
The gentalness it held 
the kindness I felt while with you 
my heart would go flatline with your arms around me. 
my breath would catch with your kiss 
blood boiling, you said its me 

How can I know though? 
Do I just forgive and forget because of the beauty 
in the petals of the roses? 

Or will you do more? 
Will you try harder? 
To win my heart over again? 

The roses you hold fall away 
Dying in the light 
as my soul does once again 

No more red and pink swirl around 
nothing dances at my toes 
The thorns are here peircing me, 
fall fall away. 

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11/22/2008 08:31AM

1305317I really like that one Janelle. It's like something I would write. >< 

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message 23: by ♥Roxie♥
11/22/2008 12:07PM

1110505Awesome...I like them all....Love yours Daniel and Jenelle.. 

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message 24: by ~Clare~, is tired
11/22/2008 12:21PM

977943excelent janelle! 

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