message 1: by ~Clare~, is tired (last edited 12/02/2008 09:07AM)
12/02/2008 08:55AM

977943Oh geez!!! Totally forgot about the poetry, sorry! Ok, well I remembered, so write write write!!! 

You have until Sunday afternoon to post a poem on here before the Topic changes. Please post it directly onto this topic, rather than posting a link. You're welcome to discuss poems on here also. 

This week's Topic is HEllO If anyone has any objections to this topic, please go to the Poetry Topic Objections post. 

Poems can be as long and short as you want them to be. This is not a contest, it's just for fun and to show off our own poetry. 

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message 2: by Janelle
12/03/2008 06:28PM

1322613Hello you 
Hello me 

Hello new day 
New life 

This is it 
Bring it on 

Hello trouble 
Hello challenges 

Try so hard 
Go so far 

SHow it all 
Be it all 

Hello moon 
Hello sun 

Shine so bright 
Be so strong 

With every burst 
Of energy 

Hello dear 
Hello love 

Be so kind 
And so strong 

Alway with you 
No matter what 

Hello you 
Hello me 

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message 3: by Angel♥
12/03/2008 06:36PM

she says
I reply
I'm new
She says
I see
I reply
I'm French
and spanish
and chinese
she says
she greets me with:
Ni Hao!

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message 4: by ~Clare~, is tired
12/03/2008 07:34PM

977943LOL LOVE IT!!! haha 

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message 5: by Chandani , The wonderous and easily amused one
12/03/2008 10:19PM


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message 6: by Anoleflash
12/05/2008 04:45PM

1155118Hello, friend spirit,
Hello, friend ghost,
tell me the story,
you cherish the most.
I'll tell you the story,
of the haunted house,
or i'll tell you the story,
of the headless mouse,
Hello, friend spirit,
hello, friend ghost,
I'll tell you the story,
you cherish the most. 

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message 7: by ~Clare~, is tired
12/05/2008 05:47PM


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message 8: by Chandani , The wonderous and easily amused one (last edited 12/05/2008 09:06PM)
12/05/2008 05:56PM

1234481Hello i say
as i greet each new day
I wish my demons away

For a greeting can be seen
in many different ways
Yet an ending is alway the same

It always ends in pain. 

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message 9: by ~Clare~, is tired
12/05/2008 09:05PM

977943cool, but did you mean demons or demos? lol 

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message 10: by Chandani , The wonderous and easily amused one
12/05/2008 09:05PM

1234481oh demons srry 

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message 11: by Sella
12/05/2008 09:43PM

909992I walk by someone on the street 
They avert their eyes and look at their feet 

I pass by someone in my school 
They ignore me and pretend to act cool 

I run into someone in the hall 
They bustle by me without even giving out a call 

I wave at someone I don't know 
They take care not to let their feelings show 

I meet up every morning with my friends 
They jump straight into conversation, with no greeting to send 

No one ever tries 
They all refuse to meet my eyes 

What is wrong with everyone? 
Why do they always turn around and run? 

Why can't they just stop 
Look at me properly, without letting their gaze drop 

I don't understand 
Why people can't lend a hand 

How come words don't flow? 
Is it really that hard just to say hello? 

So today, when you come across someone 
It doesn't have to be a familiar one 

Make sure to greet them with a cheerful 'hi' 
And not just rush past with a goodbye 

Say hello next time; 
Believe me, it's far from a crime. 

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message 12: by Arthur, “shakes paw on it!!”
12/05/2008 09:50PM


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message 13: by Chandani , The wonderous and easily amused one
12/05/2008 09:51PM


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message 14: by Sella
12/05/2008 09:51PM

909992lol yay!! :D 

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message 15: by Chandani , The wonderous and easily amused one
12/05/2008 09:55PM


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message 16: by Sella
12/05/2008 09:56PM

909992hello XD 

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message 17: by ~Clare~, is tired
12/06/2008 07:28AM

977943wow coooolio!! 

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12/06/2008 08:50AM

1305317Something in Between

Tell me everything
Tell it quietly
You don't have to say it loud
Tell me everything
Tell me quietly
Relieve your heart so proud
For once, don't be strong
Don't just carry on
Let your guard down
Show me your nightmare
Show me your frown
You say that I don't care
That I'd see you differently
You're being so unfair
Let me comprehend the mystery
Don't shut it down tight
and ask if /I'm/ alright
Don't say hello and in turning say good-bye
Let me in
And I'll show you
Someone loving true
Let me in
And I'll show you
That I'd be good to you
Let us not dwell on shallow things
Let us not say hello and go
You can tell me everything--
I really care to know
Let your heart show
Let your guard down
Tell me your woes:
I won't chase you outta town
Don't spare me the heartbreak
Tell me what you know
All your secrets I can take
And I'll never let them go
Don't let's say good-bye
Just after we've said hello 

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message 19: by Sella
12/06/2008 11:36AM

909992whoa, that's really good!!! 0.0 XD 

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12/06/2008 11:41AM

1305317haha, you seem so surprised!! But thank you ^^ 

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message 21: by Sella
12/06/2008 04:07PM

909992I'm not surprised, just really enthusiastic because it's soo amazing!! Lol. Why would I be surprised?? You're a good writer!! :D 

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message 22: by Chandani , The wonderous and easily amused one
12/06/2008 04:10PM


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message 23: by Kjersti but you can call me Captain (last edited 12/06/2008 05:40PM)
12/06/2008 05:39PM

1305317Haha, thx. It's just that you were like, whoa, and it made me laugh

yours was pretty amazing too, btw. I was going to comment, but then I was completely inspired for Something in Between and kind of forgot. >< 

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message 24: by Mary Anne
12/07/2008 05:20AM

1311899Kjersti! That was awesome :) 

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message 25: by Sella
12/11/2008 06:13PM

909992lol, don't worry about it captain. :D 

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