message 1: by Arthur, “shakes paw on it!!”
12/28/2008 09:45AM

735341You have until Sunday afternoon to post a poem on here before the Topic changes. Please post it directly onto this topic, rather than posting a link. You're welcome to discuss poems on here also. 

This week's Topic is talons. If anyone has any objections to this topic, please go to the Poetry Topic Objections post. 

Poems can be as long and short as you want them to be. This is not a contest, it's just for fun and to show off our own poetry. 

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message 2: by Janelle
12/29/2008 08:45AM


Your eyes pierce through the night 
You glide gently through the stars 

Your heart pulses gently 
You scream your victory 

Now my beauty 
Now my sweet 

Have you come to forget? 
I wait here softly for you 

Still you stay away 
Never returning to my side 

Yet once you do 
You pierce and scratch 

My body frail from your hurt 
Your talons burn my skin 

The hurt so great 
The betrayal so vast 

I lay pale on the ground 
I lay bleeding in the dirt 

You have left 
I am here 

Your bloody talons are all near 
As a vicious memory 

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12/29/2008 04:42PM


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message 4: by Masquerade
12/29/2008 04:46PM


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message 5: by Masquerade
12/29/2008 04:52PM

1067646The swooping griffin of my past, 
the hurt of your betrayal, 
the treachery, 
the horrifying thought that maybe, 
just maybe, 
love is what hurts us most, 

the beautiful days, 
when the sun shines, 
and the sky is clear blue, 
and we lay together, 
we sit together, 
you kiss my lips, 
sweet and soft, 

when you leave, 
my hurt is like the weeping of heart, 
the love you tore apart, 
the love that was forgotten, 
my hate, 
I will never forgive, 
you tore the flesh of my soul, 
I become souless, 
I sell the soul, 
the soul that i had called yours, 
the soul that now lays in the hands of demons, 
the demons that thirst for my blood, 

the talon that rips you apart. 

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